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How to Select Best Clinical Research Staffing Agencies?

In the current market, Clinical research has a huge demand. This area has seen exponential growth with novel medical and drug development. With the rising demand, there is a constant look for clinical research staff of high productivity and efficiency.

What is the role of a Clinic Research Staff?

They are responsible for the role of testing and researching the drug efficiency before releasing it into the pharmaceutical market. There are different roles and positions as a Clinic Research staff for managers to trial assistants whose daily duties vary based on their position. The duties involved are in the steps of trial processes from the drug inception to the closing report. This can be setting up a trial or research site, selecting them, identifying the investigators, consultation, and liaising with appropriate doctors.


Clinical research jobs need a medical/life sciences degree. They may need to be trained in GCP-Good Clinical Practice.

The need for a Staffing Agency

Getting staff within an organization can become tedious when there is a dire need of this staff, and this is where Clinical Research Staffing Agencies come in handy to provide a well inspected and expertise staff to the company in requirement. These staffing agencies have a workforce that suits the exact requirement in these areas of expertise. These agencies make sure to find dedicated staff and screen them on their areas thoroughly.

They usually offer staff in the areas of

  • Pharmacy
  • Diagnostics
  • Biotechnology
  • CRO
  • Medical devices
  • Clinical operations
  • Biometrics
  • SAS
  • Others

How to Select Best Clinical Research Staffing Agencies?

It is recommended to hire expertise for clinical research through a staffing agency, but which one is the best and how to select them is an essential criterion.

Here we will take a look at the factors that we need to consider to land ourselves to the best Clinical Research Staffing Agencies.

Industry-Centric Expertise: Staffing agencies have expertise workforce for your staff requirements. They shortlist the data of the potential candidates after a thorough background check and their talent/skills in the area. These agencies can provide their prospective employer, a staff that is tailored right to their particular requirements. This staff is capable of understanding the company’s objective, requirements, and meet the challenges.

A pool of Talent: When choosing a staffing agency, the employers looking for expertise should be able to determine whether the agency is able to provide them a database of candidates with the type of expertise inclined on. It is not right to assume all the agencies can offer you the identical profile that you are looking for. Cost and convenience are secondary. One should choose a staffing agency on the agility of the procedure, firm size, wide range of profiles, reputation, and marketing capacities.

Average Time-to-Hire: A capable staffing agency is always ahead in stocking the most versatile and innovative personnel to fit the comprehensive profile that the current market is in demand. Any Clinic Research health care industry is on the look for such staff who can meet their objective and offer them their expertise for the development of the work and the company. So, a staffing agency that can meet the staff requirement at the earliest without compromising productivity and efficiency is always a great choice. The agency should be able to provide the workforce solutions to fill in the positions with the lowest hire time. The process should be high in quality and in track to performance to pace up the hiring time.

Success Rate of Long Term Staffing: It is essential to clarify the expertise of the staffing agency in procuring the potential candidates for positions that are long term. It becomes essential to assess the success rates of the agency by the employer so that their requirements are met in tandem.

Process of Recruitment: It is crucial to know how they procure their candidates and their process of recruitment. The process of screening, background checks, and other essential details will give an idea of how potential the candidate is. A right staffing agency will have sufficient behavioral screening, background checks, and a thorough assessment of their skill set.

Reputation in the Industry: A good reputation can give a staffing agency their due with their prospective employers. Employers should choose such staffing agencies who have knowledge about the industry and their needs, proven record of offering potential candidates, reputation on their screening processes, and reviews of the organizations where their expertise was placed.

Accountability of the Staffing Agency: Since Clinical Research is a very sensitive area of work, it is essential to look for a responsible staffing agency. The expertise and the recruitment process should be ethical and bound to regulatory concerns. The hiring of potential candidates should be transparent and clean. The candidate hired should be skilled and bind to duties assigned professionally without compromising the ethics of the industry.

Communication: A right staffing agency gives the flexibility to express their clarifications on the information and concerns regarding the candidate or their recruitment process. The approach of a staffing agency should be client-based. This will associate the agency representative with clients through proper communication. This will establish a clear understanding of the employer’s requirements and goals. The key is to determine the potential candidate to provide the employer exactly what they need.

Things that employers should do to get right expertise from the staffing agency:

  • Brief out hiring requirements and their expectations clearly
  • The selection procedure should be prioritised
  • Hire quality and outsourcing cost ratio should be weighed


A right Clinical Research Staffing Agency will be able to give you all the above without any hassles involved. With a massive demand for this industry, it is essential to get hands-on right agency to get potential staff to meet the objectives and challenges of the company. The staff thus procured should be able to adhere to strict operatory regulations and procedures ethically and professionally. A right staffing agency will always keep themselves up to date to the increasing requirements of the industry. They are always ready to meet up the needs of their prospective employers in providing potential candidates in a brief time. Their services are high in quality and cost-efficient. Be it contract, on-demand, or direct hire, they are always ready to deliver skilled profiles to their employers to meet their employer’s goals.

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