As I begin that subtle slip to the unconscious gentle sliding
mingled with desperate thoughts, brief flickers of reality
try to caution me, cry against my abandon to the other side,
Panic stricken, I grope for thoughts floating just beyond my grasp, try desperately
to bring them back home. Growing helplessness at failed efforts to remain real.
“There it is again! Help me catch it, caatch it, caaatch it . . .”

Driiiiiifting again! In and out, …in….and……out,

In . . .
I’m scrambling, seeking a way out of the swirling confusion,
but footholds vanish with each reckless step as muscles lock in spasm.
I scream words that won’t come except in the language of whimpers and
Brain cells take flight.
Will they make the journey back?
“THE GLUCAGON! Where’s the glucagon?”
Purse, drawer, desktop? In the nightstand?
It waaas arooound heeeeere soooooooooomewheeeeeeeeere . .
A lifetime of distance . . .I’m

to the depths of this persistent nightmare. Out …
Life in the hands of a hero with a sugar fix.

Time warp …
The hero has completed his mission.
Im floating back on a wave of glucose.

Faces slowly stagger into focus,
Thoughts struggle to find their way.
Muscles release, begin to follow command.
Cold. Wet. The bed quivers with my violent shivering.

Is the world still round? nature intact?
people still busy with tasks at hand?

The answers slow the beat of my heart,
gently soothe my mind, calm my restlessness.
I look forward to a day of exaggerated pleasures
with the tangible.

Life renewed,
I begin again.