Health and Wellness Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Filtered water is contaminant-free. It doesn’t have the harmful impurities or chemicals you are likely to find in regular tap water. The water filtration process usually removes unpleasant microscopic contaminants including heavy metals while retaining all the important minerals. Besides that, filtering also helps to enhance its quality and as a result, the water usually has an improved taste. So, why should you drink filtered water?

Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Some of the benefits of drinking filtered water include:

Odorless Water

One feature that gives water its unique property is its odorless nature. However, the tap water in our kitchens doesn’t come with this feature. If you want to quench your thirst with the kitchen tap water, the strange odor will quickly turn you off.

Well, this normally happens because tap water is treated with a broad range of chemicals. Besides that, there are also chances that it may contain heavy metals that give it its unattractive taste and smell. This makes the water generally unpalatable.

Even though the intensity of the odor usually varies depending on your location, it’s usually unbearable for most people to drink this kind of water. The benefit of drinking filtered water is that the unpalatable smell will quickly become a thing of the past.


Like it’s stated above, the tap water in our homes is processed with lots of chemicals. Water treatment facilities normally use several types of chemicals to create a potent mix that can effectively kill microorganisms. In doing so, however, they end up degrading the quality of water by infusing it with many chemicals. This usually includes chloramine and chlorine.

It should be noted that while these chemicals are effective in killing microorganisms that can cause bacterial infections, once they get into your system they become contaminants that can still cause other unwanted medical issues.

Filtered water on the other hand is contaminant – and chemical-free. The quality of the water is usually good because it’s not exposed to contaminants that could harm your body.

Minimizes the Risk of Water-Borne Diseases

While water treatment facilities do their part in ensuring that the water processed is safe for consumption, there is little that can be done to completely eliminate the risk of water-borne diseases.

The water delivery system in most municipalities usually involves the use of aging infrastructure. This means that the pipes are corroded, often leak, and can easily break. As a result, the chances of a harmful microorganism finding its way to your domestic water supply are high.

That’s why there has been an increase in the number of water-borne diseases as a result of exposure to Escolar bacteria. However, you can reduce the risk of microorganism threat and protect yourself by drinking filtered water. The filtration process usually eliminates pathogens and kill the ability of microorganisms to reproduce.

Improves Metabolism

Clinical studies indicate that filtered water can help to speed up the process of metabolism. It should be noted that metabolic processes are vital for the functioning of the body. This type of water facilitates better nutrient absorption that’s vital for metabolism.

Reports indicate that families or individuals who consume filtered water in their homes generally consume more water. You should understand that water is the main component in facilitating the process of metabolism. A combination of filtered water and increased physical activity can significantly enhance the rate of metabolism and overall health.

Enhances Nutrient Absorption

People who drink filtered water are more likely to be healthy because it helps to enhance the process of nutrient absorption. The alkaline content in ionized filtered water improves bioavailability, thereby increasing the rate at which the food nutrients and water molecules are absorbed through the digestive lining into the bloodstream.

Improves the Digestive Function

The body naturally needs water to function properly. But the fact that filtered water improves metabolism and nutrient uptake means that it’s also effective in improving digestive health.

If you are going to use filtered water, then you are going to consume more of it. This helps to improve the process of digestion and ensure that things are moving, in relation to waste removals. That’s why those who drink this type of water are less likely to suffer from stomach ulcers and constipation.

Accelerates Weight Loss

If you are on your weight loss journey and you’re not experiencing significant change, then it’s time you incorporate filtered water into your diet regimen. Well, it’s not like this type of water is a miracle worker, but it will definitely accelerate your weight loss journey.

But how exactly does filtered waterworks to do this? Well, unlike your usual tap water, the consumption of filtered water is usually high. If you are using it then you will take an averagely good amount daily.

This helps to improve the digestive process that’s essential for weight loss and accelerate the rate of metabolism which is important for the burning of excess body fat. Filtered water gets your body working and the eventual effect is that you will end up burning more calories.

Note: for great results, always drink your filtered water a few minutes before your meal times in order to curb your water. This way, you will end up feeling fuller and therefore eat less. Understand that if you are going to drink more water, then you will less likely crave sugary drinks that lead to weight gain.

Reduces Acid Reflux

Filtered alkaline water has been found to be effective in reducing heartburn or acid reflux. Research studies indicate that the alkaline concentration in the water helps to change the PH levels in the digestive system.

It acts by neutralizing the acidic build-up that normally leads to the development of heartburn, an annoying and uncomfortable burning sensation in the esophagus. Generally, filtered alkaline water with a PH level of around 8.8 can be effective in inactivating the human pepsin. It’s considered to be more effective than conventional drinking water.

Improves Nail, Skin, and Hair Health

More water consumption leads to the production of collagen and other protein elements that are important for the development of healthy hair, skin, and nails.

The health benefit of drinking water filtration system from a unit like the AquaOx whole house filter or the Aquasana whole house filter is that it’s contaminant-free. With its good quality. Your skin will be well-nourished while your hair will be radiant. Additionally, your nails will also be strong. Filtered water minimizes the chances of developing frizzy and dry hair. It prevents the skin from drying up while it helps to ensure that your nail isn’t brittle.

Leads to Better Blood Flow

Currently, there are millions of people with high blood pressure. This is a prevalent health condition that affects people worldwide. High blood pressure has no cure and the available drugs are only for management purposes.

But there is a way water can help to reduce the harmful side effects of this condition. Filtered water plays a crucial role in facilitating hydration and its contaminant-free nature makes it ideal for the management of this condition.

It should be noted that if your body isn’t well-hydrated, chances are that your blood pressure will spike due to the thickening and clogging of arteries and veins. Using filtered water means that you will effectively rehydrate your body. This facilitates better blood flow and thereby helps to reduce high blood pressure.

Besides that, it helps to improve the supply of oxygen throughout the body. Oxygen is supplied through blood and when there is sufficient blood flow, there is also sufficient oxygen supply.

Provides Brain and Spinal Cord Protection

The chemical-free nature of filtered water makes it effective in protecting vital components in the body. The spinal cord and the brain are some of the most crucial components in the body that are vital for a healthy and thriving life. That’s why in some instances you have to wear protective gear such as helmets when in risky environments.

Filtered water is a safe gateway in ensuring that the brain and spinal cord are well-nourished and protected. They need a sufficient supply of fluid to ensure that they are well-protected.

Great for the Environment

While filtered water seems to be beneficial to the human body, it’s also great for the environment. Those who drink filtered water instead of using bottled water play a greater role in reducing the carbon footprint.

This is considered an indirect health benefit because a safe environment means that you are less likely to suffer from diseases caused by petrochemicals and pollution. Bottled water has a negative impact on the environment and it’s known to contaminate our natural water supplies. So, if you want to stay healthy in the long run, you have to consider your water sources.

The Bottom Line

Filtered water is not only tasty but it also has lots of health benefits. Its quality as well as properties make it effective in supporting various processes in the body including digestion and metabolism. It also plays a role in improving physical appearance.

There are also other indirect health benefits such as reducing pollution which is critical in reducing the carbon footprint. So, if you want to be naturally healthier, then you need to drink filtered water.

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